the-hairy-dog-mother 3 min read


The Hairy Dog Mother 3 min read
Kristina at Killarney Provincial park with her dogs on a cliff

Once Upon a Time

When I was a little girl, I loved dogs more than anything else in the world. I didn’t have the blessing of growing up with a dog, but I managed to successfully convince my parents to get me one.

On my 12th birthday, Tuffy, a miniature poodle puppy, was the greatest gift I have ever received. Unfortunately, this little dog came with a host of health and behavioral issues. After the first year, his behavioural issues became so unmanageable, that my parents were going to give him away.

I was determined to help my little dog get better, so I asked my parents to enroll Tuffy and I in obedience classes. At the age of 13, I started working with a handful of different trainers to help with Tuffy’s behavioural issues. This was during a time when there were no real “dog behaviourists”, and only regular obedience classes. Thankfully, with a lot of determination and work, Tuffy got better, both mentally and physically. He lived out his remaining days of old age with my family and I.

My 1st official job with animals was in high school, when I did a co-op placement at a pet shop. I have been working in the pet industry ever since.

While Living Abroad

In France, I volunteered as a dog walker at SOS Animal Shelter.  There, I learnt to deal with a lot of difficult dogs, and trained many of them how to behave on and off leash. This was helpful in getting them adopted.

In 2012, I moved to India for 4 months to dedicate my time to help the street dogs at Dharamsala Animal Rescue. Emotionally, it was a very difficult trip, but I learnt so much about how dogs interact in an undomesticated environment. The insight on dog behavior, communication, and body language I received during this time was groundbreaking to my understanding of dogs.

It was during this trip that I unexpectedly came back to Canada with a very traumatized street pup I named Batuk.


Batuk’s past is one that has left him with chronic C-PTSD (canine post traumatic stress disorder). This brought me some tough challenges with regards to his rehabilitation.  Batuk has also taught me so much on helping traumatized and damaged dogs live happily ever after.  You can read more about Batuk’s story here.


I am a professional dog trainer with the IACP as well as a certified dog trainer with the National K-9 Dog Trainers Association. I work with a lot of rescue dogs, and currently do the training for the dogs with behavioural problems in foster care from New Collar Collective. My goal through training is to help as many dogs as I can live a balanced and tranquil life, full of love, and happiness. I believe that with the right methods, any dog can be rehabilitated. No dog is too emotionally damaged to make loyal and loving family members.

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Hey, I’m Kristina

Hey, I’m Kristina

I'm a certified professional dog trainer with a specialty in behavioural issues and rescue dogs. My methods are easy to follow, and are sure to help you and your pooch develop an even stronger bond.

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