Beautiful Kitten for Adoption

the-hairy-dog-mother 1 min read
beautiful kitten for adoption

Beautiful Kitten for Adoption

The Hairy Dog Mother 1 min read


Information about little miss kitty cat:

  • Female, around 9 weeks old as of July 13th.
  • Has had her first shots and has been tested and cleared for worms and parasites.
  • She has a small deformity on her right ear – no health issues
  • Eats well and uses her litter box with no problems.
  • Came from a farm in Prince Edward County.


There is a $175 adoption fee for this munchkin to cover the vetting, boarding and application process.

The Hairy Dog Mother

Kristina’s goal through training is to help as many dogs as she can live a balanced and tranquil life, full of love and happiness. She believes that with the right methods, any dog can be rehabilitated, and that no dog is too emotionally damaged to make loyal and loving family members.

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