Nash’s Rehabilitation Story

11 min read

Nash’s Rehabilitation When I first met Nash I was asked by Redemption Paws to go visit him at his foster home because they were having problems with him biting and attacking visitors. At that point he had bitten 2 people, but luckily […]

Finding Xela

6 min read

In 2007, I traveled to Quetzaltenango (otherwise known as Xela), Guatemala to learn Spanish and volunteer at a El Nahual Language School and Community Center. Every morning on my way to class, I would bring part of my breakfast to share with […]

Batuk- His Story & Rehabilitation

5 min read

When it comes to dogs, I’m not really very good at planned parenthood. Like most of the best things in life tend to be, Batuk was unexpected, and helping him with his rehabilitation was incredibly hard. This experience, while difficult, has also […]