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Happy New Year Everyone!

As per the new Ontario Lockdown restrictions, only outdoor and web services will be available until January 24th, 2021. 

***The good news for new clients, is that I have found that the first session can be conducted online very effectively. Initial sessions have a lot to do with teaching pet parents about dog psychology, and important rules and boundaries. These need to be understood and implemented before specific behaviour modification or training can effectively begin.
Please use the links below to book a session with me. Outdoor sessions will only be available for follow up sessions that involve socialization, recall, walking and e-collar training. Initial consultations will only be available on the web.
With regards to booking post lockdown, please don’t hesitate to use my online booking options for training on the web or at my training studio. For in-home sessions, please use the form below and I will return your booking request with some available days and times.

The best way to contact me is by email at info@hairytalestraining.com

The best dog trainer in Toronto. 

Still not sure about booking? Would you like to have a chat before you do?