Offering Discounted Web Sessions!

the-hairy-dog-mother 1 min read

Offering Discounted Web Sessions!

The Hairy Dog Mother 1 min read

COVID-19 Got You Stuck at Home?

Look on the bright side; now you have time to train your dog!

There couldn’t be a better time than this to take advantage of this time off and get your dog into tip top shape. Whether you just want your dog to be more obedient, or have some behavioural issues you’d like to nip in the bud.

Time, practice and consistently are super important when it comes to dog training so now that you’ve got that at your disposal, jump on this opportunity and begin the journey towards a happier and more harmonious life with your dog.

Get 25% Off Weekdays Between 10-4pm!

This brings your session pricing down to only $75 + tax!

(The last time slot to qualify for this discount is 3pm. Discount not available on holidays.)

For more information on the specific services I offer, please click here.

Hey, I’m Kristina

Hey, I’m Kristina

I'm a certified professional dog trainer with a specialty in behavioural issues and rescue dogs. My methods are easy to follow, and are sure to help you and your pooch develop an even stronger bond.

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