the-hairy-dog-mother 2 min read


The Hairy Dog Mother 2 min read
Kristina and Batuk in a canue at Algonquin Park

Batuk and Kristina at Killarney Provincial Park in the riverI take a holistic approach to dog training by taking a step back and looking at the entire picture. There are many different reasons why your dog is behaving the way they do.

Most behavioral issues occur because of a miscommunication between human and dog. Everyday, we unconsciously send our dogs messages that tell them that we are (or are not) their leader. When a dog is told to take a leadership role, they will begin to display unwanted behaviours. It is up to us humans to change our habits in order to change our dog’s behaviour.

I believe that there is a difference between dog training and “doggie manners”, but both are required for a happy and balanced dog. Urban dogs live in a human world, therefore, they need to understand how to socialize appropriately in this human environment. Raising a happy and well mannered dog involves teaching them what is, and is not appropriate behavior in our world.

I believe there are 3 key principles in order to raise a happy well mannered pup:
  1. Trust
  2. Consistency
  3. Balance
Through decades of experience, I’ve learned that building trust though consistency and clear rules will not only help your dog become more confident, but will also enhance the bond between you and your fur baby.
Dogs want to be good. They feel the most at ease when they know how to please. That being said, you and your dog will have a happier life together if you are sure to set clear rules for your pup that are enforced consistently.
This can be done through praise and affection when your dog is displaying the behaviors you want, and corrections when they are displaying behavior you don’t want. Balance and consistency are key.
With the right methods, determination and hard work, any dog (no matter how emotionally damaged) can become a trustworthy, loyal and loving companion.
To learn more about the science behind the importance of leadership with dogs click here.

Hey, I’m Kristina

Hey, I’m Kristina

I'm a certified professional dog trainer with a specialty in behavioural issues and rescue dogs. My methods are easy to follow, and are sure to help you and your pooch develop an even stronger bond.

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