Sessions at Private Training Space

$125.00 + HST / Hour

Mt. Pleasant & Eglinton

Private sessions take place at Hairy Tales private training space. Initial consultations are 90 minutes ($190 + tax).
This location is subway accessible (10 minute walk from Yonge and Eglinton subway station.)
Street parking and paid parking available.
We are following strict COVID protocols to keep you safe.

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Private In-Home Sessions

$150.00 + HST / Hour


Training in your own home allows me to observe your dog in their most stress free and least distracting environment.
Initial consultations are 90 minutes (starting at $225 + tax).
Travel fee’s apply depending on your location. Please scroll down to see travel fee pricing.

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Private Web Sessions

$100.00 + HST / Hour


Now offering 25% off weekday sessions from 10am-4pm*.

Web sessions give you the same one on one guidance as in-person sessions. A great choice if you don’t live in Toronto, or would like to save on my travel fee.

***The last time slot to qualify for the weekday discount is 3pm. Discount not available on holidays.

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Unlike many other trainers, I do not require you to book weekly sessions. Most behavioural issues can be dealt with in 5 sessions over a 6 month period.

Compassionate Pricing

During these difficult times, I am offering compassionate pricing for those who have lost their jobs or who are on disability due to COVID-19.

5 pre-paid sessions can be purchased for a 10% discount for All lesson options.


Travel Fees

Below are my travel fees for in-home sessions.
(For under 30km, an additional $10 will apply for locations that are not subway accessible.)

  • $10 – up to 10km
  • $15-$25 – 11-35km
  • $30 to $50 – 36-50km
  • $55 to $60 – 51-60km
  • $65 to $70 – 61-70km
  • $85 + – 71 km +