Seminars, Webinars & Workshops

I do seminars, webinars and workshops on a variety of topics geared at helping people live more harmoniously with their dogs. If you would like to host a seminar or workshop, please contact me. Below are a list of topics I cover.

If you are a dog business and would like to host some of these seminars , webinars or workshops, please contact me. I am able to speak on subjects including but not limited to the following:

Dog Training & Behaviour Seminars

Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour
This seminar/webinar is great for people of all ages. Whether your interested in getting a dog, working with dogs, or want to give your children a better understanding of dog safety, this seminar is for you. I go over dog body language and different scenarios you should avoid so that you can make better choices if you are ever faced with a dog that might bite. If you are a business owner of a dog related business, or organization, and would like to give your staff a safety course to prevent possible dog bites, contact me.
Preparing For A New Puppy
Are you getting a new puppy soon? This seminar goes over everything you need to know before your puppy comes home. From puppy proofing, to potty training and basic training. This seminar is for you. 

Common Behavioural Issues Seminars

How to get a Dog to be Well Behaved
Do you feel like you are fighting with your dog ALL THE TIME? Are you frustrated and burnt out because your dog is driving you nuts? This seminar touches on what makes a dog unruly and how you can begin to turn things around for you and your furbaby.
Potty Training
Is your dog making a mess all over the house? There is a secret to potty training that will take only a few days. I’ll tell you my secret on potty training in this seminar.
Leash Reactivity / Aggression
Is your dog completely crazy on leash, but fine off leash? Leash reactivity and aggression is the number one thing that I am called in to train for. In this seminar I go over steps to help your leash reactive dog find peace on their leashed walks. 
Calming The Over-Excited Pup
Many people live in a household where dogs create chaos and excitement all the time.  Its not just because your dog is a high energy dog. This seminar is for those who feel that their dog is ALWAYS hyper and overly excited, and just not listening. Trust me, there is a way to calm them down, and its not just more exercise. Learn my secrets to living harmoniously with your furbaby in this seminar.

Dog Rescue & Fostering

Dog Foster Parenting
If you are a rescue organization, this seminar/webinar is set up to inform new dog foster families of what they can expect, and best practices to keep their foster dogs happy and balanced. In this seminar/webinar, I go over the basics of dog training and safety to ensure that you will be ready for when your foster dog arrives at home.
Preparing For A New Rescue Dog
Are you looking to adopt a rescue dog? In this seminar/webinar I go into the nitty-gritty of what you can expect when adopting a rescue dog.
Rescue Dog Behavioural Issues
Many rescues have similar behavioural problems due to the baggage they carry from their past. Often, these dogs become reactive or aggressive because they are nervous and fearful. In this seminar/webinar, I can help you learn how to help boost their confidence and help them become the best dog they can be.

To book a seminar, please contact me.