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There are many training tools that can help you get the results you need. Below are two of the most commonly recommended tools available for purchase.  Hairy Tales does not have an online store, but if you are interested in ordering, please e-mail me. I can ship worldwide.


Hunter Slip Leads

Unlike most slip leads on the market, this lead can be used without chocking your dog. This leash allows complete control of the dogs head because of its ability to be kept high up on the neck. This leash is also inescapable if adjusted correctly. It is the perfect training tools for new rescues, fearful and reactive pups.


Dogline Unimax Harness – DO NOT PET – Training Tools

Dogline Unimax Harness Red - DO NOT PETThis harness is highly recommended for dogs who are fearful and / or reactive with humans. Unfortunately, people often think that dogs are there for their own entertainment, and do not think to ask before trying to pet a dog they do not know. Those of you who have a fearful and / or reactive pup understand the frustration when people do not respect your dogs space, and do not ask your permission to pet them first. This harness will drastically decrease both owner and dogs anxiety while out in public. It significantly reduces the number of negative interactions between your dog and strangers as most people who see this vest respect your space and do not attempt to interact with your dog. It is one of the first steps towards recovery for pups with fear of strangers.


Hey, I’m Kristina

Hey, I’m Kristina

I offer private and semi private lessons that are fun and educational. My methods are easy to follow, and are sure to help you and your pooch develop an even stronger bond.

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